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Noah Zip Up Swaddles Smart Sleep

Noah Zip Up Swaddles Smart Sleep by Living Textiles

Living Textiles

Noah Zip Up Swaddles Smart Sleep

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Noah Zip Up Swaddles Smart Sleep by Living Textiles features:

100% Cotton with moisture resistant hypoallergenic polyester wadding

The Living Textiles Smart Sleep™ 2-in-1 Zip-Up Swaddle helps babies feel safe and secure as they adjust to life outside the womb. The natural hand over heart position, similar to a baby’s position in the womb helps reduce the startle reflex allowing for a longer, sounder sleep. These 2-in-1 design allows babies to gently transition from swaddling to arms out, one arm at the time; making this swaddle the smart choice for every baby.

Its Better Sleep Made Easy™

- Natural hand over heart swaddling position, just like in the womb
- 2-in-1 design allows babies to gently transition from swaddling to arms out, one arm at the time
- 2.5tog rating makes these swaddles perfect for the cooler months
- Diamond quilting on the lower part for additional warmth
- Chest area is made from 2-layers of 100% cotton that helps prevent overheating and allows for full chest expansion and movement
- Seamless back for added comfort
- 2-way zipper for easy nappy changes
- Hip Friendly bell shape design for natural hip flex and leg movement
- Made from 100% cotton with moisture resistant hypoallergenic wadding
- Machine Washable 
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